Brief analysis + LIFF Secondary Research


What is LIFF?

LIFF, (Leeds International Film Festival), is one of the largest film festivals in the UK, celebrating global film making culture. The event is held at numerous venues throughout Leeds over the course of 15 days and has been going on strong for the past 30yrs, the first being held on the 7-19 march 1987. Over 40,000 visitors from around the world attend to view and present Commercials, shorts and feature films.

Why do we collect secondary research?

We conduct secondary research because the information we need is already been gathered for us and is readily available. Sometimes the information we require may not be accessible with primary research such as were not allowed to go to certain places and even can’t reach those places, e.g. other countries, that’s why secondary research is so useful.

Gathering information and themes about an event before generating our own ideas points us in the right direction of how the final project should look. Whilst researching an event, you may be able to take away and use some imagery you required and use them alongside your own work to advertise the event.


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