Initial Design Ideas

Idea full

Idea 1

For this first idea I went with the idea of there being some sort of stage for entertainment like a live band etc. So the patterns portray a stage with seating and empty space of the carpet behind. The ‘LIFF’ and the information would be in a BOLD and straight edged type being in black along with the logo lined up next to this. The colour pallet would be browns and cremes with contrasting oranges to give a vintage feel.

The style I would go with would be vectors with textures overlaying them, with a use of balance where half the page is used up by shapes and type where as the the other half is left open and empty.

For this particular idea, I don’t think i would take it further as i don’t believe it displays fully what the LIFF is about, its a good idea and how it is now i like the look of it, I just don’t wish to take it further.

Idea 2

This next idea I would like to take take further as it uses more medias; Photography, Type, Digital Art/Vectors. I really like the idea of the photo being in the background although a change of what the photo is would probably be changed to something like a cinema front and a view from one of the previous LIFF venues.With a custom font and either primary or secondary photography, I believe i could make a good looking poster out of this initial idea.

Idea 3

Now this idea is by far my favourite out of the 4 I have mocked up, with simplistic yet eye catching look, I think this is the one I could take all the way. The colour pallet? Mostly greys with a bright red title jumping off the poster grabbing the attention of any passer by.

The poster would incorporate contrast and a slight hierarchy using gradients. With either a gradient in the background or a creeping shadow from the top and bottom to finish this poster off. As for type face feel the Agency FB font will work well for this poster.




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