Secondary Research – Artists and their designs


Steve Caballero

The most noticeable thing about Steve Caballero’s decks are the center pieces; the skulls, the bug, these boards have focal points that draw the viewer into the design of the deck. The colour pallet that these boards have work well with the theme they are going with, an aspect I will surly consider when designing my own board. The boards follow pattern and symmetry as well as a form of hierarchy in the blue board design.

Tony Alva

The first thing I am drawn to is the vibrant/neon colours used in the third design, these colours pop and make it very eye catching. To get the design onto the board, a method of Silk screening was used in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the board. The element of movement is very noticeable in the flames design, yet pattern and symmetry is the dominant trait in the ‘BB’ design. With the ‘BB’ design I like the look of a main focal point of the larger BB surrounded by smaller BB’s, it simple but it works well, this will be a feature I might think about when designing my own board.

Don Pendleton

Dons art style, to me, seems very minimalist in the way its drawn using vectors and bold colours to make his board stand out amongst crowds. The use of texture in the red ‘Tony Tave’ board gives it a gritty urban look which I like the look of, along with the use of symmetry and some form of hierarchy is used throughout Dons designs.


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