Traversing Wakefield – Primary Research


My final outcome is to design an illustration to go on the deck a skateboard, so I went out into Wakefield City Center to photograph graffiti, stickers and other items with design on that might help in generating ideas later on.

Throughout Wakefield, there is a lot of graffiti work with lots of type and some forms of character design, these will be super helpful when coming up with ideas to create my own designs to go on the deck of a skateboard.

My favorite “typeface” from all the graffiti pictures I took is the ‘Spaminca’, unlike the others this one is more on the legible side of being able to read it and it’s a type I may try to replicate and perhaps modify to fit my design.

In all the graffiti I photographed, the majority of them used bright eye catching colours with bold black outlining to give it a cartoony, bold, solid look that jumped off the wall and stood out out from other graffiti I saw. So when designing my design I’ll go with a colour pallet that uses bright and bold colours, as well as using bold outlines to replicate the cartoony look.


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