Skateboards – Evaluation


When creating my board I took most inspiration from Tony Alva, using principles of design such as pattern, contrast and some forms of hierarchy. Whilst going through my work I learnt a new skill in Photoshop or least how to effectively use a skill which was the ruler and guide lines which helped loads when lining up the aspects on my board designs. I feel like my digital work came out fantastic, my favourite design being the one where GZMO’s head has different opacity’s for the background with a contrasting focal point.

I would definitely use this design on a board and could even incorporate some of the designs onto other formats such as beanies, jackets and wristbands etc. The people I asked say they like the simplistic look and that it fits well on the mock-ups as well as the designs having good looking character design.

If I was to recreate or do this again I would experiment with other medias of art to create different textures to use in the designs as well as try more complex styles that will push my boundaries.


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