Marketing and market research



Marketing is about listening to and responding to customers needs. anywhere people trade products is considered a market; whether it a high street shop or online.

Steam store

Steam Store

Most markets are dynamic, meaning they follow trends and work along side customer feedback, evolving and changing to suit the needs of their buyers.

Market Research

Gathering and identifying a customers needs is the first step to creating a successful product (A mobile game in my case). A good first impression to attract customers is to create trial products or demos, this gives the consumer a sample of what the product has to bring and potentially spark interest to pursue and follow the product to the end. If customers try the demo product, the seller may intrigue buyers with an offer along side the product such as a discount on the final outcome or special access to behind the scenes content or even an honorable mention somehow for helping support the product.

black flag

Special Edition offer for Pre-Ordering the game


Collecting MarketĀ Research

Primary Research:

  • Questionnaires
  • Focal Groups
  • Interviews
  • Online Forums/reviews/feedback

Secondary Research:

  • Internet
  • Magazines
  • Company Reports

Collecting this information can be very useful when developing a new product/game as it can; help improve current products, come up with new content to add to a product and even create new products.



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